What are your rates?

Prior to providing an initial billing rate we review the current claim process you have in place to determine what is required for your particular store. We then apply a sliding scale based on claim volume, minimizing the impact of recalls and large claims, typically rates range from 3% to 5%.

How do you determine the initial billing rate?

We provide a two-week get acquainted period at no cost to you to determine the requirements and needs of your particular store, then provide a firm pricing structure

Where are you located?

To minimize claim processing cost to the dealership our processors work virtually via VPN connection to your system from various locations, our home office is located in Newburgh, New York

How do I communicate with you?

We are available daily by phone, via email and faxing.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes, we offer onsite consultation of the full claim process at your store, claim process improvement, warranty audit review and Service Advisor Training related to claim processing.