Herb attended New York Military Academy and served in the United States Air Force before beginning his career in the automotive service business in 1967. Herb went from working at a repair shop to multiple full service gas stations, then on to new and used car dealerships. During his early years he spun wrenches and was a Certified Master with NIASE (now ASE).

Herb started his Auto Warranty Claim Processing Business during the early 1990’s and soon expanded the business along with his staff that processes accounts in the nearby 10 states of the Northeast. Today, Herb and his staff are certified with most manufacturers.

Herb has two grown children and resides in Newburgh, NY. He holds both Airline Transport and Instrument Flight Instructor certificates and enjoys travel in his airplane. Herb has also been an avid photographer. His first car was a 1934 Aero Willys, and his dream car has always been a Mercedes 300SL.


Judy has been working in the automotive industry since the 1980’s and has held many positions at the dealership level including Service Advisor, Service Dispatcher, Assistant Service Manager, and Customer Relations Manager.

Additionally, Judy has had well over 20 years handling Warranty Administration for multiple car lines and has achieved Platinum level rating for Honda.

Judy is from Shrub Oak, NY, where she lives with her husband, two children, and her much loved dogs Ruby and Cooper.

Judy’s favorite car is the Chevrolet Camaro ever since she had the pleasure of owning one before starting a family. She hopes to have one back in her driveway one day.


Mike has had extensive first-hand automotive service experience, including 12 years as a Ford technician, 2 years as a Ford service advisor, and 3 years as a service manager for both Ford and Chrysler. He also worked for 7 years as a Ford warranty administrator before joining Accurate Auto Warranty. What’s more, Mike earned Master Certification at each of those positions, as a Ford technician, Ford service advisor, Ford service manager and Ford warranty administrator.

Mike lives in Clermont, NY, with his fiancée Karen, his son Ryan, and his daughter Ashley. He and his family also have two dogs – Rudy and Sasha.

Mike’s very first car was a 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger, and to this day it remains his favorite car of all time.


Karen has held a wide range of positions within the automotive field spanning nearly three decades. She was an automotive bookkeeper for 6 years before becoming a Service Advisor for both Ford and Chevy dealerships – 20 years combined. During that time, she earned Master Certification for Ford service. Karen then moved up to Ford Service manager, a position she held for 4 years before joining the Accurate Auto Warranty team.

Karen lives with her fiancé Mike, her son Ryan, and her daughter Ashley in Clermont, NY. She also has two adorable dogs – Rudy and Sasha.

Karen dreams of one day owning an original Shelby AC Cobra and cruising the Hudson Valley.

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