Why You Need It - In today's world with high overhead and fierce competition, you need to be compensated fairly and properly for warranty repairs performed to insure maximum profitability of your service department. Improper claim submission only partially compensates your service department and invites costly charge backs and decreasing profitability.


What We Do - Our experienced warranty administrators will submit your claims on your behalf, freeing up your service advisors to be more productive. We review each of your claims prior to processing, checking for both accuracy and completeness. We also provide you with follow-through and reporting, as well as precise warranty schedule reconciliation.


How We're Different - We only make your claim submissions after careful examination to ensure that your warranty repair claim will pass the intense scrutiny by the manufacturer's warranty claim assessors. This ensures that nothing has been overlooked on your warranty claim submission, and that you are reimbursed for your claims promptly and accurately.

Why You Need It - As a top dealership, you are constantly seeking to improve. But that doesn’t always require a complete system overhaul. To increase service department profitability and to boost customer satisfaction, the solution may be as simple as reducing redundancies or reorganizing assigned tasks. We can help identify solutions that best fit your needs.


What We Do - We provide an on-site evaluation of your current service processes and find key areas in need of improvement. We observe everything from customer arrival and repair order write-up. Even vehicle delivery is examined and noted. We then prepare a summary and help you develop a plan of action to improve your service department existing processes.


How We're Different - Since every dealership is unique, we only develop and implement processes that are specifically tailored for your dealership. We walk you through the improved processes and provide training as needed. We also map your new processes, complete with a list of duties and responsibilities, which can be used as a tool for training new employees.

Why You Need It - The pace at which technology changes is getter faster and faster, and ensuring your service department's personnel are properly trained is getting harder and harder. Missing key areas of change is a recipe for lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction, and your competitors are ready to step-in if you can’t keep up with the technology.


What We Do - We help you identify the weak or missing links in the chain of your service department's process in order to increase efficiency and profitability. We then tailor advanced training for your service advisors in a variety of areas, including service processing, warranty claims processing, and technician documentation training.


How We're Different - We provide personal on-site training, where lessons can be applied in the real world. There are no sterile classrooms or impersonal online courses. And we know you may only need to retrain one or two employees instead of an entire department. So our training rates are applied on a per diem schedule, not a monthly contractual basis, which saves you money.

We can help


More profit - By partnering with Accurate Auto Warranty Claim Processing, your warranty claims will be submitted with greater accuracy and improved timeliness, ensuring that more of your reimbursements will be paid to you, and be paid to you faster. Freeing up your service department to be more productive will also increase your profitability and customer satisfaction to keep your hard earned customers returning for service.

Lower cost - Processing your warranty claims through us also eliminates the hidden costs of continuous education, medical insurance and employee benefits that you would have to otherwise incur with an in-house warranty administrator. Such employees are also paid whether claims are paid or not. We are only paid when reimbursements are received, and then only a very small percentage of those reimbursements.

Expertise - Additionally, you'll profit from the combined knowledge of our entire team of warranty administrators and process trainers. Each member of the Accurate Auto Warranty Claim Processing staff has had hands-on service department management experience, and we have worked with a wide range of dealerships – big, small, and everything in-between, and nearly every manufacturer. You can trust our skill and expertise to guide your dealership.

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